Beloved Oluyemi Stephen
Deliverance, in short, is a total freedom from all satanic bounds that have a strong influence on man’s life.
Deliverance is a forceful release from yokes and slavery. Power must let go where God steps in.
It is also a total liberation from all worldly defilements.
Ezekiel 19:9, Rev. 18:2, compare this with Proverbs 25: 28.
R#1. Right from the genesis of life, darkness has been upon the faces of your deep. Genesis 1:2. Four things were introduced to your life at birth:
Darkness in plural
Voidness in diversity
Formless and purposeless rising
Emptiness of neonatal glory.
In every family there is a life sucker. You must rise to challenge the unchallenged in your father’s house if only you wish to be filled with the glory untold beginning from this world.
#2. Crown had fallen from your head. Ezek 21: 26, Lamentation 5: 16, Job 19:9, Ps 89: 39. Sinners have no crown. You are not called a sinner just because you fornicate, drinks, kills or robs. No! You are because you are born that way. You grow same way not breaking the old shell off your life and thus you become addicted. Crown of glory had long fallen off from your head even from birth. Can’t you see why you now need the deliverer – Jesus Christ of Nassaret.
#3. Your true life is inside the grave. You are just a walking corpse. A shadow chaser. Your to be had been taken from you through that besetting sins. Ezek. 37: 12-13.
What happen to a soul inside spirit grave?
a. That soul will see, feed on and be filled with corruption. Act. 2: 27
b. it will not see when good is coming, its a dead soul.
c. It cannot celebrate good things early marriage, early blessing of cars, house, visa e.t.c
d. It is subjected to graveyard sickness.
What are the graveyard sickness?
All these are graveyard spirit. I will talk on this in the future. Meanwhile read Hosea 13:14.
#4. You need deliverance because your life’s destiny call is clothed with darkness of confusion and garment of envy. If you will ever shine in life you must defeat strange elders from your place of biological birth (father’s house) and spirit birth (church); elders with garment of envy committed to the killing of young risers, such must be defeated with stones of prayer. Zechariah 3: 1-8, 1 Samuel 4:21-22.
#5. You need deliverance now because of the unseen forces accompanying your standard of living daily. These are the forces from the invincible world coming with terrible aggression to co-inhabit your dwelling. This explained why your life is such a sudden frustration and hardship. Read Proverbs 26: 2.
However, if you have any incision, printed marks or occult symbol e.g tattoo in any part of your body you must hurry quickly to deliverance room because you have sold yourself out to the unseen wicked forces of aggression.
#6. You need deliverance because dominion has be taken from you. Bible proverbially states that, it was witchcraft bird that stole it away. The highest branch of cedar in the Lebanon of your life has been taken. Servant now ride on your horse of honor while you – a whole prince- walks barefooted. It is a proverb to be understood only by men with understandable destiny. Ezek 18:3
When men lost domineering power:
Spirit husband steps in.
Wife from marine world shares his bed.
Strange children began to command authority and walk around in human form. Some called themselves boko haran, gay, lesbians e.t.c
Church too began trading with the gate of hell.
Deliverance that we need must come by fire.
#7. Because that great day of the Lord is near upon us and the rapture alarm is about to be blown, you and all Christians across the world need deliverance from defilement of this world and from the spirit of backbiting, side talk, sleeping demon e.t.c Zephaniah 14: 18
Summarily, you need deliverance from the-
Spirit of money
Spirit of error and heresy
Spirit of epilepsy (demon causing rising and falling in your heavenly race)
From social vices e,g hypocrisy, small lie, little cursing and nagging e.t.c these are multiple attacking demons locating careless brother and sisters in this end time.
From the spirit of end of time
Spirit of backsliding and apostasy
Finally, you need deliverance from the spirit of hell and destruction.
May God help both our spirit altogether and deliver us from worldly defilement and preserve us to the end that we might reign with CHRIST at his coming. Amen!
1. Blood of Jesus shower down on my life in the name of Jesus
2. Darkness of sin in my life receive the light of defeat in Jesus name
3. Darkness of hell and destruction in my life, scatter
4. Anything in my life assigned to drag me to hell, release me now and die in the name of Jesus.
5. Spirit graveyard holding my inner man, the Lord rebuke you, vomit me now in Jesus name
6. Garment of envy covering my glory catch fire in the name of Jesus.
7. Wicked elders from my place of birth committed to killing my glorious destiny, I stone you with fierce madness, tear your cloth and run into the market in the name of Jesus.
8. Any power preparing me for hell you are a failure, I will make heaven in Jesus name.
9. Unseen forces in my house, saying no to my deliverance, why are you here? I cover you all with the acid of the Holy Spirit.
10. Power to make it in life, to win battles of life, and to make heaven fall upon my life now in Jesus name.
Begin to prophesy upon your life. Cover yourself with the blood of Jesus. Sing worship songs to God of the Elijah the one who answers prayer by fire.
With love from,
The Preacher.
Light of Hope Church Of God,
Ikere, Ekiti State. Nigeria
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