Text: Deut. 22: 6 – 7
“If a bird’s nest chance to be before thee in the way in any tree, or on the ground, whether they be young ones, or eggs, and the dam sitting upon the young, or upon the eggs, thou shalt not take the dam with the young”
• Bird is a symbol of witchcraft.
• It is the power of witchcraft.
1. It functions as abortionist or terminator of goodness and fruitfulness – Ezek. 17:3.
2. It functions as demonic eavesdropper, which go about to divulge your secret in the opened dark Market – Eccl. 10:20.
3. It could also function as evil planter.
4. The manipulator of good gifts and exchanger of man’s destiny. Ezek. 17:4
5. It steals man’s wealth – Deut. 22:7
6. It causes premature death – Deut.22:7
7. Bird can act as witchcraft eyes or mobile monitor.
8. It is the landlady of evil tree assigned to block man’s way – Deut. 22:6.
9. It could place embargo on land and landing properties. Vs 6
1. Flying birds / or Firmamental birds or birds of heavens – Gen 1:20
2. Winged bird (which could include tyrannosaur, nocturnal birds, human bat, flying horse etc.) Gen. 1:21.
Bible intentionally classified birds for better understanding to compare to what we have in the world today.
There are natural birds.
Also the existence of nocturnal or supernatural birds is real.
1. Transfer of witchcraft spirit and power from generation to generation in a family.
2. The curse of affliction and slavery which compel everyone born in a family to unconscious bandage.
3. The owls in Africa should not be seen by day, when in some places, if it comes out in evening it portrays a bad omen. Owls are creatures with fetish eyes. God said, He will cause them to dwell in or take over Babylonian empire. These witchcraft creatures can only dwell in a family or homes where there is no God or where God had rejected or has been rejected.
4. Satyrs (Oro in Yoruba) will dance in the house or family, church or company where witchcraft bird curse is, Isaiah 34:13, 14.
NOTE: Satyr is not a bird but a‘winged bird. It is the ancient Roman god of sex and fertility. It is a demon with wings. It dances to the tunes of ominous curses and ruins.
Wicked angels and satanic agent can take the form of ‘a winged creature’ when going for their meeting or when going to attack man in his dream life.
5. Witchcraft curse can only affect sinners. So the witches would not attack you unless they first try to entice and to lure you to sin.
6. It causes infertility and bareness
7. It pollutes your Christian prayer life.
8. It causes sudden death and stubborn sickness.
9. Rom 1: 23, they can turn the glory of God in man to witchcraft-bird’s meal once the person commit sin. That is the reason the bible says, sinners are handed over to wretchedness i.e spiritual suffering
10. It has the effect of turning man against his destiny helpers. It feeds the person appointed to help man in life with demonic chronological report of his family etc. Eccl 10:20.
There are some birds, their visit to your life, house, church, company or school can be strangely disastrous. This is strange but it is true.
Let me give you from over 17 years of experience in ministering deliverance and prayers some strange birds and the effects of their visit: based on people’s testimonies, experiences and my own experience.
1. The Owls: (monitoring agent) their visits result in destabilization, loss of good job, witchcraft sickness and invitation.
2. Vulture: Death arrow (could be meant for spiritual death, business death, death of wealth and in most cases physical death). It symbolizes a call for or to witchcraft feast – where witches feed on human flesh and blood.
3. Bat: feast of wizard, blood sucking, and keeper of blood bank.
4. Cockroaches: Satanic pathfinders, hire killer, and bringer of strange diseases.
5. Ostriches: (family witchcraft). It sets limitation and determine how far or long its victim stay up. Power saying no to uprising in life.
6. Black bird: Cruelty, affliction, frustration, killing of destiny helpers and collector of annual donation of blood, life and properties.
7. Singing Birds/sun birds: invitation to night initiation.
8. Tyrannosaur birds: Principalities and powers
9. Strange Eagles: Spiritual kidnapper means your life is in a strong bondage and under intense monitor.
10. NOTE: In all these you do not need to be fearful or afraid. You are free from their powers as long as you are born again and can pray. Read 1 peter: 3: 13.
11. But, if you are yet to give your life to Jesus, quickly do so now or else, this night will be the longest you have ever had in life.
So, if you really want to decide for Jesus just say these prayers with me.
‘Heavenly father of love, I want to thank you for sending Jesus to take my place and die on the cross that I might be freed from witchcraft powers, bondage of hell, which I was brought into by my sins. I am deeply sorry and confess that I am a sinner. I have sinned (mention all you have ever done as much as you could remember) and I now repent of them all. I promise to forsake them all, turn to follow you and live for you from today. Forgive me LORD and accept my life. I accept and receive the redemption of my soul provided for by the blood of your only begotten son – Jesus Christ. Thank you for saving me, in Jesus name I pray Amen.
Wonderful, you are now saved. It is that simple. All you need to do now is to look for a living Church, show yourself to a living Pastor and better still you can contact me for advice on what to do next.
Now, get ready. We are about to challenge the powers of darkness, showering witchcraft curses on your family. All evil trees whispering our names to afflict us through that surname shall dry in the name of Jesus.
Avoid what could lead you into satanic cage.
1. Sin: stealing and swearing, oath taking or entering into covenant with occult person and by using occult materials, Zech. 5:1-4.
2. Polygamy: when you have witch as step mother.
3. Star gazers/ enviers.
4. Witch doctor: if you have visited one before then you need to pray.
5. God can give man up to be killed by witchcraft birds. Ezek. 39: 4. Do not challenge God to battle.
1. Father I thank you for your saving power.
2. Satanic Trinitarian powers dedicated to afflict my father’s house, heavy stone from heaven crush them now in Jesus Name.
3. Failure magnifier, your time is up, fall and die.
4. Witches assigned to torment my life in and outside my place of birth, I poison you with the blood of Jesus, begin to fall down and die one after the other till you are consumed.
5. Evil birds whisperings my name in the heavenlies be arrested by fire in Jesus Name.
6. Curses sang on my head by any witchcraft bird shall not prosper. You are removed by the blood of Jesus.
7. Any evil power cursing my head from the coven, I fire back your curses to your head, and I kill you with ‘curse – stone’ in Jesus’ name.
8. Witchcraft symbol in my life catch fire
9. Ancestral embargo placed on my generation break by fire in the name of Jesus.
10. Abortionist of hope, my life is freed from you, release me now and die in Jesus name.
11. Coven terminator assigned to waist my life, marriage, children, labour e.t.c. you are a failure terminate yourself in the name of Jesus.
12. Demonic eavesdropper divulging my secrets and glory in spirit dark-market, I padlock your eyes and ears with thunder blast in the name of Jesus.
13. Evil farmer planting frustration and fear of death into my life sleep and never wake up again.
14. Abortion of good things in my life, I terminate you today in Jesus’ name.
15. Where is the exchange of my infant glory? Appear by fire.
16. I claim back my infant glory from you in Jesus name.
17. Winged powers stealing my wealth, die
18. Witchcraft agents vomiting premature death into my life, die in the name of Jesus.
19. Every satanic bird posted to my house, that one posted to my place of work and my marriage functioning as coven mobile monitoring eyes, I burry the sword of the LORD of Host in your eye; go blind in Jesus’ name.
20. Every evil tree from our village keeping the records of names of children born for the village, catch fire, turn to ashes and be blown away by the east wind in the name of Jesus.
21. Evil tree in my Father’s compound harbouring witchcraft blood bank, be bulldozed by the thunder clap in the name of Jesus.
22. Every tree around the house I live in, sitting witchcraft birds and meeting, I curse you in the name of Jesus, dry now.
23. Flying powers assigned to pollute the heavens above me, full down and die.
24. Witchcraft mess, coven pollution turning my destiny helper away from me, t stop you and wash you away from my life by the blood of Jesus.
25. Blood sucking bird (Nocturnal bird) visiting my neighborhood at nights, your end has come, drink your own blood and eat your own flesh till you die in Jesus’ name.
26. Witchcraft trade fair selling and buying in my father’s house scatter by fire.
27. Power trading animal weapon in my family die.
28. Dancing demon beating drum of desolation and sudden death on my matrimonial home, you are a failure, I bind you with chains of fire and drop you into the sea of acid in the name of Jesus.
29. Children killing power, hear the word of the LORD, I and my children given to me y God are for signs and wonders, therefore kill yourself/.
30. Coven attack on my bloodline be terminated
31. Satanic bird sent to give evil sermon on my roof drop down by flame of fire and die.
32. I take dominion. I am in charge. I occupy my seat of honour in the name of Jesus.
Connect with Beloved Oluyemi Stephen on http://www.about.me/thepreacher, http://www.missionadvancers.wordpress.com oluyemistef@gmail.com. You can also write to Christ Advancing Mission Team
PO Box 221, Redemption Camp, Mowe Ogun State, Nigeria.
I am looking forward for your testimony. Bless You.


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