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birds as witchcraft animal can be hired against you to sing choruses of disaster on your roof, in your neigbhourhood and ...



Beloved Oluyemi Stephen 7 REASONS WHY YOU NEED DELIVERANCE. Deliverance, in short, is a total freedom from all satanic bounds that have a strong influence on man’s life. Deliverance is a forceful release from yokes and slavery. Power must let go where God steps in. It is also a total liberation from all worldly defilements. … Continue reading CORRIDOR OF DELIVERANCE P2


INTROSTART: I SHALL NOT FADE OUT Countless warlords and heroes of faith had risen and had fallen in Christendom; some now live on yester glory. Very many people started well with God early in life but along the line the speedometer of their faith vehicle could no longer read higher. What a shame? They came hurriedly … Continue reading GOERS MISSION SQUAD TRAINING eBook

Understanding WEAPONS that can make CHRISTIANS stand Spiritual and BALANCE

How long shall you continue in this rise and fall epileptic Christian faith? Lack of understanding is the beginning of failure. God is waiting continually for the time you will arise from your plain. For everyone with thirst for the more of God I recommend this book. ABOUT THE BOOK The old are too occupied … Continue reading Understanding WEAPONS that can make CHRISTIANS stand Spiritual and BALANCE


PREFACE TNT BATTLE FOR THE MOST HIGH is a heart stirring message compiled for God fearing people. It is a God’s mind uncover for the warriors of Christ. The Excellency of the message is not in the words of wisdom that men teach rather, it comes directly from the fiery breath of God both in … Continue reading TNT: BATTLE FOR THE MOST HIGH

Degree of our Falling

INTROSTART Down to this generation, the heartbeat of God has been breathing out sorrows and regression on the backsliding of the mission burdened church. One constant thing about our generation is untimely light out on our mission hearts. Men of faith are turning to men of faces. The mission bodies are collectively falling victims of … Continue reading Degree of our Falling